Xinyi Wang
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I work on Machine Translation, focusing on efficient data utilization for low-resource languages, domain adaptation, and any other scenarios when the data with desired properties is limited.

I am currently a PhD student at the Language Technologies Institute of CMU. I work with Graham Neubig and I am a member of NeuLab. Previously I did my undergrad at University of Notre Dame, where I worked with David Chiang.

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Balancing Training for Multilingual Neural Machine Translation
Xinyi Wang, Yulia Tsvetkov, Graham Neubig
ACL, 2020
arxiv  / 
Optimizing Data Usage via Differentiable Rewards
Xinyi Wang*, Hieu Pham*, Paul Michel, Antonios Anastasopoulos, Graham Neubig, Jaime Carbonell
Preprint, 2020
arxiv  / 
A Probabilistic Formulation of Unsupervised Text Style Transfer
Junxian He*, Xinyi Wang*, Graham Neubig, Taylor Berg-Kirkpatrick
ICLR, 2020
arxiv  / 
Target Conditioned Sampling: Optimizing Data Selection for Multilingual Neural Machine Translation
Xinyi Wang, Graham Neubig
ACL, 2019
arxiv  /  slides
Multilingual Neural Machine Translation with Soft Decoupled Encoding
Xinyi Wang, Hieu Pham, Philip Arthur, Graham Neubig
ICLR, 2019
arxiv  /  poster
A Tree-based Decoder for Neural Machine Translation
Xinyi Wang, Hieu Pham, Pengcheng Yin, Graham Neubig
EMNLP, 2018
arxiv  /  slides
SwitchOut: an Efficient Data Augmentation Algorithm for Neural Machine Translation
Xinyi Wang*, Hieu Pham*, Zihang Dai, Graham Neubig
EMNLP, 2018
arxiv  /  slides
Growing Better Graphs With Latent-Variable Probabilistic Graph Grammars
Xinyi Wang, Salvador Aguinaga, Tim Weninger, David Chiang
KDD Workshop, 2018
XNMT: The extensible neural machine translation toolkit
Graham Neubig, Matthias Sperber, Xinyi Wang, Matthieu Felix, Austin Matthews, Sarguna Padmanabhan, Ye Qi, Devendra Singh Sachan, Philip Arthur, Pierre Godard, John Hewitt, Rachid Riad, Liming Wang
AMTA, 2018

Facebook AI Research, Research Intern hosted by Yacine Jernite, Jason Weston, Michael Auli, Summer 2019

Tsinghua University, Visting Student hosted by Yang Liu, Summer 2017

LinkedIn Inc., Software Engineering Intern, Summer 2016

Google Inc., Engineering Practicum Intern, Summer 2015

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